Keystone Attendance

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2021-11-07Riegelsville Fall Roll OutPlace Holder
2021-10-23Mason Dixon Fall PicnicOgram, Jim & Amy1964 Ranchero (Speedy)
2021-10-23Mason Dixon Fall PicnicHaines, Dan & Rhonda1964 White Futura Convertible
2021-10-23Mason Dixon Fall PicnicLarkin, JimDriver
2021-10-17Cabela's of HamburgOgram, Jim & Amy1964 Ranchero (Speedy)
2021-10-17Cabela's of HamburgWolfe, Bruce & Pam1962 Wagon (Ratmobile)
2021-10-16LB SmithVarricchio, Pat & Diane1963 Red Sprint Hardtop
2021-10-16LB SmithWolfe, Bruce & Pam1968 Futura Sedan (Bonnie Blue)
2021-10-16LB SmithOgram, Jim & AmyDriver
2021-10-16LB SmithHoff, Glenn & Sandy1965 Ranchero
2021-10-16LB SmithBrown, Andy1967 4-door sedan, Dark Moss Green
2021-10-08HersheySteve & Donna Hoke1963 Futura Convertible
2021-10-03Ciocca Fall FeverOgram, Amy & Jim64 Ranchero (Speedy)
2021-09-08Gettysburg 2021 by Mason-DixonWolfe, Bruce & Pam68 Futura Sedan
2021-09-06Road Runners Labor Day Auto ShowHale, Herb1963 Rose Beige Futura 2 Door
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtBlair, Ike1964 Green Futura Convertible
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtKliminski, John1962 Black 2 Door Sedan
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtHoff, Glenn1966 Green Econoline Pickup
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtDeane, Tom & Judith1965 Green Futura Hardtop
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtKichline, Bruce1965 Mango Tango Ranchero
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtMinnich, Gary & Dorothy1964 White Futura Convertible
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtSnyder, Ed1964 White 4-Door Station Wagon
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtWolfe, Bruce & Pam1963 Yellow Futura Convertible
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtLarkin, Jimdriver
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtServas, Frank & Ginny1965 White 4-Door Futura Sedan
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtKratz, Jerry1963 Orange Ranchero
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtHaines, Dan & Rhonda1964 White Futura Convertible
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtOgram, Amy & Jim64 Ranchero (Speedy)
2021-08-08Das Awscht FeschtBarrett, Rick1969 Blue Futura Station Wagon
2021-07-31Eastwood Summer ClassicOgram, Amy & Jim64 Ranchero (Speedy)Well organized show of close to 400 classics.
2021-07-17Syracuse NationalsMeyer, Mark & Mrs.64 2rd Wagon
2021-07-07FCA NationalEllie & the Dufilho clanCarl - 65 4dr
2021-07-07FCA NationalHaines, Rhonda and Dan
2021-06-20The Golden Age Air MuseumKollar, Kris63 Futura
2021-06-20Hershey Cars & CoffeeWolfe, Bruce63 Futura ConvertibleHeld at the AACA Museum
2021-06-19AACA Museum Cruise InWolfe, Bruce63 Futura Convertible
2021-06-19AACA Jersey CapeLeonetti, Chris & Paul64 ConvertibleOcean City, NJ
2021-06-19AACA Museum Cruise InOgram, Amy & Jimdriver
2021-06-11MotorWeekHale, Herb63 Futuracar of the week
2021-06-05Carlisle Ford NationalsBrown, Andy
2021-06-05Carlisle Ford NationalsKratz, Jerry Jr.Vendor
2021-06-05Carlisle Ford NationalsLeonetti, Chris & Paul64 ConvertibleAttended Friday to Sunday
2021-06-05Carlisle Ford NationalsDufilho, Ellie & Mattdriver
2021-05-22Memorial LakeHaines, Dan64 Futura Convertible
2021-05-22Memorial LakeWolfe, Bruce62 Deluxe Station Wagon
2021-05-22Memorial LakeWolfe, Fred & Rose68 Futura Sedan
2021-05-22Memorial LakeSutch, Chris64 Futura Convertible
2021-05-22Memorial LakeServas, Frank & GinnyDaily Driver
2021-05-22Memorial LakeScioscia, ChrisDaily Driver
2021-05-22Memorial LakeWolfe, Pam & Lora Varel63 Futura Convertible
2021-05-22Memorial LakeBarrett, Rick & Judy & William & Jason69 Station Wagon
2021-05-15Remember Our HeroesLeonetti, Paul & Chris64 Convertibleall Ford show
Holly Springs, NC
2021-05-15Rat Pack Car ShowHale, Herb63 Futura

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