Steve & Eileen Franz


I removed, overhauled and reinstalled my T10 transmission this past January.  My “helper” my wife of 50 years this October.  She did almost the exact same thing 49 years ago right after we got married and I needed to put a clutch in.

I just completed the body work and paint three weeks ago.  Now onto the interior. It’s Gett’n there! If the parts would just come thru correctly!!  Long story there some time.

Right after getting married, my wife complained she wasn’t driving the Sprint enough. (Had a 64 Fairlane S/W at time for 2nd vehicle)  So, let her drive it to and from work.  AND, she ended up drag racing down the Main Street of Niceville Fla!!  (More on that story later!!) 

Just received my new molded floor carpet, and the Distinctive Interiors upholstery.  Carpet looks ok, not installed yet, working on it.  Alas, the upholstery came in incorrect “style”.  Was supposed to have the double silver piping.  Came thru with single silver piping.  Don’t want it, not OEM. Mistake on Distinctive’s part.  They’re remaking the entire interior seat upholstery. (From the look of what I received, they do some excellent work!)  Hey, want to have it OEM all the way to look at it.  When all over, yes, I’ll get some high resolution pictures for you and a complete history write up for the magazine.  Yes, there is allot of work there.  

14 July 2022 FCA National Kingsport TN

Yep, all set and loaded up the morning we left!   450 miles to Kingsport!!  

Reprinted from The National Falcon News, April 2021:

2022-07-16FCA National 20221963 Sprint