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1962 Fordor Wagon, 1968 Fordor Sedan, 1963 Futura Convertible, 1966 Ranchero

1962 Fourdoor Wagon, “The Ratmobile”

Several years ago a friend of mine in the Keystone Chapter told me he had a 1962 wagon for sale. The engine was seized when he bought it, but he said it had a perfect front bumper. I have a ’63 convertible and thought maybe I could use the bumper on the convertible. After looking at the car, it was too nice to part out. It was very solid and in need of a paint job. I tried to loosen the engine by dumping almost every fluid I could think of in it and dragging it down the road. The tires would just slide. Since I had another engine to put in, I decided to change engines rather then mess with trying to get this one going.

It got the name “Ratmobile” because there was a mouse nest in the dash and it smelled so bad that my wife wouldn’t ride in it. Since I had to do a little rust repair in the floors, I took the whole interior out and wiped it down. I used some cleaner that was suppose to eliminate odors. I even installed a new heater core and wiped the inside of the heater down also. Nothing seemed to get rid of the smell. After about 2 years, the smell was almost gone and my wife finally rode in it for the first time.

The Ratmobile is used to haul all the extra things to Regional meets and the Carlisle All Ford Show. It hauls coolers, tarps, tools, chairs, tables, club store items, Regional goody bags — in the chapter it is known as the Keystone Pack-Ratmobile.

One year at the Carlisle All Ford Show, it won 3rd place in the utility class. There were 4 cars in the class and the Ratmobile wasn’t even parked in the line with the rest of the cars. I found out later that one fellow forgot to put his registration card in his window so the Ratmobile won by default.

At the Carlisle All Ford Show, trophy winners pick up their awards by driving their cars around the Grand Stand when their names are called. Since the Ratmobile was the last Falcon to be called for a trophy, we decided to make a joke of it winning a trophy. All the other winners were told to park their car after picking up their trophy and hurry back to the Grand Stand. When my name was announced, I acted like the Ratmobile stalled and got out to kick the tire. I waved my arm to the Keystone members and they came running to push and pull the Ratmobile in for its trophy. The crowd loved it! After I picked up the trophy I surprised the presenter of the trophies by turning the key and driving away

The Ratmobile is just used as a spare car right now. Some day it will get a new paint job and be worthy to return to Carlisle for another trophy. — Check out my web page for “The Rest of the Story”.

You can also see the restoration process on my 1963 Futura Convertible and Bonnie Blue our 1968 Futura. Bonnie Blue has been in over 25 states going to FCA National & Regional events.

Bruce Wolfe

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