John Rossi

I am attaching a few pictures of my Sprint; I was invited to display my car at the Concours d ’Elegance at Plymouth, MI two years ago (2018) and the pictures are from the show.   My car is all original, un-restored; it was in storage for 35 years, and only has 31k miles.   The only things I have done are:

1.  Removed the original exhaust system and stored it to preserve it

2. Removed the original shocks and stored them

3. Detailed the engine compartment.  

I used to own a Sprint convertible back in the early 70’s that I purchased from my cousin, who purchased it new.   I had to get rid of it in 1977 due to the financial strains of a new family, etc.   I had been looking for one for quite a while and I was fortunate to find this one.   It was purchased originally by a Ford dealer in a small town in Indiana, and he is still alive and I periodically talk to him.   The car was stored for years in the dealership, and it was taken out of storage in 2003 when Ford used this as one of many vehicles to celebrate their centennial anniversary.  The interesting thing is that this car came from the factory with a Borg Warner T-10 four speed.

I try to get it out at least every 2 – 3 weeks in the winter, and in the summer I drive it weekly.   I don’t trailer it to local shows, but I did ship it to the concours in MI.  

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