Jim Larkin

Look close you will see the #2 1963 Falcon 260 Futura in the street. Easter Sunday 1971 with Uncle Joe in San Diego.

I had been looking for a Falcon. I looked at many since losing my 1971 Torino in Sept 1977. All the Falcons had some major problems, shock tower split, one so rusty it was hard to determine the color it once was! One with a tree growing thru engine compartment My brother found this one in spring 1982. I looked at the Sprint and said NO way. It was Wimbledon White ,14” wheels ,lousy ratchet shifter, firebird seats, console missing, console mounts chiseled out. It had a black broken grille, no horn, no gauges, tattered headliner no tach ,no spare ,no jack, no heater, BUT IT WAS FAST due to a 351 stuffed in the engine bay.

AUG 1982 my wife, daughter and I flew to San Diego to visit relatives. Reading the Sunday paper I saw an ad for the Ford Falcon Club of San Diego. I called the President and talked for 45 minutes and learned of the Falcon Club of America. I came home and purchased the Sprint. I used it as daily driver and started going to junk yards looking for 1963 Falcon parts.

In November 1982, Altair Airlines, my 11 year employer went bankrupt and closed forever. I drove the Falcon to my new job but had to fix another car for winter. January 1983 I hit a bump and needed 2 hands to hold it the on road. The engine had to come out to fix a bad accident repair. Put the 351 back in to move to present home in Sept 1987. After many hours of work, and sweat I returned it to the road in April 2005. We went to 5 nationals, 21,000 miles, 39 dragstrip passes, 15 states.

May 2020, the 351 had to come out due to a freeze plug leaking. I am now rebuilding a 260 and going to use a T5 tranny. The Sprint is getting a complete paint job and will be back to almost stock soon.

Jim Larkin FCA# 1344

Navy Oct 1967 to Sept 1971. NAS Meridian (pictured) 1969 1st 1963 Falcon NAS North Island. San Diego 1970 USS Enterprise 1971 as a member of VAW 113.
#2 Falcon. 1970 in front of Uncle Joes home in San Diego. He still lives there. He will be 90 in Sept-2020. 260 auto PS cloth seats rug padded dash. Nice
#3 Falcon traded in for $500 on a used 1971 Torino. This Sprint had 42,000 Miles!

260 / T5
15-Jun-22: Out again. Fusion to national

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