Herb and Kathleen Hale

So I bought the car early Oct-2020, through a friend who only had it for a week maybe two. He found it while walking through his neighborhood. A lady bought the car brand new in 63, she was 16. She had it ever since garage kept and used only for weekends & church basically. It is 100% original including paint , with 51,800 original miles , 2 door Futura, 6 cyl 170, rose beige, Wow!! So I had to have. As you can see, it will continue to be garage kept. I am changing “only” wheels & tires , I must have mags and BF Goodrich TA’s. I’m keeping the original wheels and hubcaps , and will probably put new rubber on those as well. I’ll be able to change back and forth pending my intentions and or show. I will not be putting many miles on her maybe a few hundred per year, if that. I’d love to have someone give me an approximate value of the bird. I do plan to have a certified appraisal done , if you know of someone locally would be great help. I live in Levittown/Bristol , PA. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact me. I do look forward to meeting you in time.

Herb Hale Jr.

20-Mar-21: My wife and I both graduated Pennsbury High School back in early 80’s, I went back to our old stomping grounds of the Pennsbury Falcons to take a few pics this morning.

2021-09-06Road Runners Labor Day Auto Show1963 Rose Beige Futura 2 Door
2021-06-11MotorWeek63 Futura
2021-05-15Rat Pack Car Show63 Futura