Glen & Sandy Hoff

Reprinted from the Aug-2020 Falcon Key.

What New Falcon Did You Buy Glenn?

I purchased this Econoline Pickup in the last week of April. It had been sitting in storage for at least 9 years. It was dragged home with no brakes and 9 year old fuel in the fuel system.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was only out of work for 3 weeks. So, it’s become mostly a weekend and after work project. (situation normal for me)  Now, with the fuel system cleaned and rebuilt, brakes gone through, new tie rod ends, rebuilt steering box, and minor welding it has passed Pennsylvania state inspection. My license plate finally arrived in July.  I have now used it for 2 trips to Philadelphia (72 mi. round trip) where I work construction and many trips locally around town. 

Like my other Falcons, it will remain “a work in progress” for now! 

2021 L. B. Smith:

2023-08-06Das Awkscht Fescht64 Maroon Sedan Delivery
2021-10-16LB Smith1965 Ranchero
2021-08-08Das Awscht Fescht1966 Green Econoline Pickup

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