Keystones First Regional

Download the zip file to browse the registration, voting and administration documents it took to put on our first regional in 1989. You will recognize some current 2022 members in the registrations. The event was co-hosted with the Northeast Falcon Chapter. Thanks to Ed Snyder, Keystone’s founder and first president, for supplying the original documents.

How are you at jigsaw puzzles? The Keystone hardcopy photo archive has a stack of pictures where Regional #1 and Regional #2 are mingled. Clue 1: The upper right picture has “Livingstons NJ 1989 written on the back. Clue 2: The picture to the right of Clue 1 has “1st NE Regional” written on its back. Clue 3: The double decker bus was at this event. That is it. What you see below is a first draft attempt at assigning the pictures to this event. Compare backgrounds, type of streetlights, attendees, asphalt, quality of parking lines, etcetera. As with most images on this site, clicking the image will display a larger view. Suggestions welcome in comments below. (Jim Ogram)

Compare with Tom’s River Second Eastern Regional 1990 – Keystone Chapter ( Some of those might belong here and vice versa.