Double Take

Keller Bros Ford 1965/2000

The Keystone Chapter of the Falcon Club of America had a meet in 1999 at Keller Brother’s Ford in Lititz, Pa.  While at the meet the owner, Dan Keller, showed us a picture of the dealership in late 1964 or early 1965. 

As you can see, there is snow in the picture.  In the foreground of the picture is a white 1964 Falcon.  The next Falcon is a 1965 4dr sedan.  It has a new car sticker in the back window.  The next Falcon is a 60 or 61 wagon.  Beside the wagon is a 1941 or 1942 Ford ? ? ?  Along side the building is a 1956 2dr hardtop.  In front of the garage door is a 1953 – 1956 Ford truck.  We won’t say anything about the Brand X behind the 56 Ford.    

The Keystone Chapter had another meet at Keller Brother’s Ford in 2000.  We decided to try to duplicate the 1965 picture.  In order to get some other old Fords at the meet we asked our Keystone members to invite some of their friends with old Fords.  One thing led to another and the meet was advertised in a local paper as an “All Ford Meet”.  Dan Keller had to empty his new & used car lot for all the Falcons and Fords at the meet.  By chance we had the right Fords at the meet for the reproduction of the 1965 picture.

The 3 Falcons and the old roll back truck are owned by Keystone members.  The black 64 Sprint Hardtop is owned by Rudy Dubravec of New Cumberland, PA.  The white 1965 Futura Sedan is owned by Frank & Ginny Servas of Coopersburg, PA.  Frank’s sedan is the only Falcon that is the same year and color of the original picture.  Frank’s Falcon is also a V8.  Note the 289 emblem.  We added a fake window sticker in the back window.  The next Falcon, a 1962 Deluxe Wagon, is owned by Bruce & Pam Wolfe.  Note the different tail lights and placement of the tail gate emblem.  This change was made in 1962.  This wagon also does not have a roof rack like the original picture.  The old Ford roll back belongs to Ed Fidler of Lebanon, PA.  Ed has a 1961 Falcon 2dr wagon but brought his Edsel Station Wagon on the roll back.  The truck did a good job hiding the newer cars in the back of the Ford dealership.  We didn’t record the owners of the other Fords.

Keller Brothers Ford went through an extensive face lift remodeling in 2002.  We snapped the picture just in time.

The National Falcon News
February 2001