Dustin Varvel

Check out my 1966 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe that I restored with my Grandfather. I was 15 when I bought it and after getting it running we started stripping it down to bare metal. The 200 six engine was apart when we got it. The head was off due to one of the previous owners mistake. He removed all the spark plugs and a mouse built a nest in one of the cylinders. We added front disc brake suspension and a posi-traction rear end from a rusted out 1968 Falcon Sports Coupe. So it’s ready for a V8. I have driven it daily going to work & school. I put over 18K on the 200 six. For more detail on the restoration go to www.sites.google.com/site/whatafalcon and check out “Dustin’s 66 Sports Coupe”

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