Don Haring

Don Haring, Jr.
Philadelphia, PA

1961 Futura Sedan, 1966 Deluxe Club Wagon

1961 Futura Sedan

The original owner of this Futura died, leaving his wife unable to drive the car. It was given to a local mechanic and it sat for about 10 years in a barn. When the mechanic defaulted on payment for construction work, the construction contractor sued, gaining the car as partial payment. Another two years went by as the car sat in a driveway, allowing the paint to resemble a chalkboard. I answered an ad placed on the Internet and wanted the car immediately. Having no real money to buy it, I took out a loan and had my sister co-sign for me. Now strapped with loan payments on a car that didn’t run, I let the car sit in a garage while I set on a crash course to self-learn auto mechanics. Over the past six years, I’ve brought the car to the state where I’m not afraid to drive it anywhere. I’ve driven it on the hottest days and in the worst rain and snow storms and it has been up to Connecticut, out to Pittsburgh several times, and down through Maryland. It sounds and drives like an old car, but it has character and I’ve done all the work myself so far.

I am slowly building the car into an early sixties mild custom. It has been lowered 5″ with cut coils up front and lowered springs and blocks out back, and still rides fine. I’ve nursed the original 170 engine past its prime, so it will be replaced by a mild 200 with 3×1 Offenhauser intake. Future plans include chrome reverse wheels, Cal-Custom spiders and medium whitewalls and the body will be mildly shaved, but the signature Futura darts will stay. The exerior will stay black, but the interior will be black and white instead of the original red.

1966 Deluxe Club Wagon

Many people have been surprised to know that Ford made Falcon vans. These were essentially passenger Econolines that Ford badged as Falcons as part of their family marketing campaign. I bought mine in well-used condition and have done a lot to keep in running over the years. Affectionately known as the “Clubbed Wagoon”, it is my daily driver and has suffered many injustices from city tow trucks, vandals, and inconsiderate drivers, but she just keeps going. A 300 straight six now resides under the doghouse and it can be a handful (fun) to drive, but people seem to get a kick out of it, so it continues to be used and abused. Everything about this truck has been done low-budget, from the $15 paint job, to the eBay chrome reverse wheels.